***** Arts and Literature Laboratory - Broadsheet Newspaper *****

Arts + Literature Laboratory (art gallery/Madison, WI) curated a show entitled "Shhh...", which presented a collection of WWII propaganda posters as its point of departure, and featured the work of 24 artists using information/disinformation in some way. I created a broadsheet newspaper called Active Shooter, which I wrote and illustrated. Active Shooter confronts the pattern of mass shootings, and pieces together their context and influences. The paper was presented in full, along with 50 takeaway copies.



***** After the fall - Feature film poster *****

I designed the poster for the international festival screenings of After the Fall, a feature film about a man who descends into a life of crime after losing his job. 


directed by Oscar nominee Saar Klein



*****Obama campaign - handmade graphics*****

During Barack Obama’s reelection campaign, I designed text and graphic treatments for one of his ads, directed by David Gordon Green.



***** Sky Chefs - Album ART *****

I made original artwork for Sky Chefs' 2017 album "Aquarians," as well as artwork for the album's first single -- also called "Aquarians."

After talking to the band, we honed in on themes of chaos, irony, hypocrisy and violence -- juxtaposed with the shelter of other like-minded tribes. 

Album cover

Album cover

Single cover

Single cover

Aquarians in progress -------->



***** Kings Head Theatre, london - projections *****

I created a series of projections for the production of a stage play at London's King's Head Theatre. "A Better Life," written by David Prosser, tells the story of Dr. Ludwig Guttmann, a physician whose experience treating veterans in post-war England inspired him to start the Paralympic Games. Broken into Prologue, Transitions, Montage (shown below) and Epilogue, these films utilized archival imagery to create context and emotion when juxtaposed with the performances of David's characters. 



***** Butter music and sound - album artwork *****

I designed a series of album designs for Dirty Blonde, an original album created by New York music and sound shop Butter.



***** Chappo - album/tour Artwork Suite *****

For their 2018 album "Do It," I created a suite of artwork for the New York based band Chappo. This included album artwork, single artwork, t-shirts and posters. 



***** Bandit EdiTORIAL - RElaunch artwork *****

I created t-shirts and projections for the relaunch party of New York commercial editorial shop Bandit.